Sunday, 14 March 2010

Where I've been...

Well, it's been pretty eventful here at Ooh Miss towers; not only did I graduate with a blessed 2.1 from UEA; but I also gained a new the excitement of a new relationship and the hard work of finding a proper job to take over from my student ways has taking it's toll severely on my beading time! It is my aim to get back to it though; I guess the blessing of having an arty boyfriend is that he wants me to be arty too! In fact, up until recently I think I had only made one set of jewellery in about a year and a depressing is that? The set is very nice though, that's my excuse. I will post a photograph as soon as I can find that elusive charger for my camera battery.

As for work...I now work full time at a children's home; I don't think anyone who knew me previously could imagine me working in this environment, let alone working 15 hour days in it, but I absolutely love it! The lads are hard work, don't get me wrong, and some days I leave work in tears because it's been such a tough day. But every please and thank you that I get makes it worth it! I've even been told on occasion that I'm 'safe'; quite a decent compliment from a teenage boy I hear!

Where else have I been? Oh I've been on holiday too, a rare occurence for me! I went to the Isle Of Wight with the boy; we had a fab time, took hundreds of photos and were just ecstatically happy for a whole week. I cried when we queued for the ferry to get home, it was just that heavenly. We went to see the Needles, wandered around Ryde, went to the zoo, and just had a lovely time.

Anyway, as it is Mother's Day I'm now off to make some scrummy cheesecake and see if the carrot cake I made last night is still in tact!

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