Monday, 22 March 2010

Some new photographs and pieces

This is a far better picture of the Amelia necklace I made myself for the work Chrimble do. I was looking quite done up little black dress style so just wanted something subtle but classy- I think I went the right way here.

I've been doing lots more stud earrings; even the two pairs I gave to my sister I think I should have about 35 pairs in stock now. Quite pleased with myself really; mounting 4mm cabs it a very fiddly task and I'm pleased it's done. Well...almost done. I've ten pairs of 4mm pearl cabs to mount and I know that is going to be the trickest task so far.

This is Naomi. Made from recycled glass (the ovals) which I think is just fab and reminds me of the marbles I had as a child, yellow crackle glass and druk beads, and also the tiny orange cat's eye beads which I won in a contest many moons ago and I think help to pick out the orange in the recycled glass. My only regret is that I made it a little too long I feel- it sits quite low and I feel I would prefer it as more of a choker. However, I can see this being worn with a lovely summer dress, so I'm not going to pull it to pieces (crimping is not my forte and I hate having to redo for that reason). I'm trying to find some leetle flower beads in order to make a complementing set of earrings. Hopefully I will have some in my stash but last time I hauled it all out I got fed up and put it all back in no logical order.

In other news, yay I will get my new car tomorrow! Can't wait.

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