Monday, 15 March 2010

Earrings Mounted

Well, these are what I was working on yesterday...there's some carnelian, some rose quartz, haematite and a lot of pretty abalone. I ordered loads more bits yesterday as I've got a bit of a penchant for creating these now, and I think they could be nice as a little non-expensive treat or as a free gift...well, if I ever get around to doing parties; I haven't got the nuts to do them at the moment! Though I do know a lovely lady I work with who does Party Lite; we've chatted about doing a combined party one day but I don't know if we'll ever get around to it!

Just updating this post...the sun has gone in, flippin typical! Did just fly into Dereham though and had a little mooch around Bead This, Craft That. It's really nice to see a mixed craft store not getting the jewellery department gradually (or rapidly, sometimes) taken over by cardmaking and scrapbooking stuff. In fact....I do think the beads may be taking over! Anyway, I got some goodies and skipped off back home (after setting the world to rights with the wonderful shop staff of course).

Not only have I finally taken a few pictures of the set I've been babbling about; I made another couple of pairs of stud earrings. These ones are a bit more...bling? Kitsch? Kitsch is probably the right word and I got the idea from a suggestion in a magazine. They're experimental because they're more chunky than the sort of thing I normally do, and I don't know if putting the post dead centre in the bead is the best idea. I might have to er...keep a set of these for myself, as a test know how it is! Anyway, while the main photo I took of the 'Amelia' set is rubbish, the photo of the earrings and a detail photo came out pretty well, so those two photos are at the end of this post.

I really do need to find that charger. I have a Sony Ericsson Satio which has a 12.1 mp camera on it, with a seemingly decent lense, but it's not really a match for a proper camera. Then, having said that, my digital camera is no match for my film'd never guess I was a secret luddite!

Anyway, that's enough faff and ramble now. Visit Bead This, Craft That if you ever get a chance! It's in East Dereham, Norfolk. Have a good day anyone reading this, and I hope your weather stayed sunnier than mine did!

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