Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Monday, 22 March 2010

Some new photographs and pieces

This is a far better picture of the Amelia necklace I made myself for the work Chrimble do. I was looking quite done up little black dress style so just wanted something subtle but classy- I think I went the right way here.

I've been doing lots more stud earrings; even the two pairs I gave to my sister I think I should have about 35 pairs in stock now. Quite pleased with myself really; mounting 4mm cabs it a very fiddly task and I'm pleased it's done. Well...almost done. I've ten pairs of 4mm pearl cabs to mount and I know that is going to be the trickest task so far.

This is Naomi. Made from recycled glass (the ovals) which I think is just fab and reminds me of the marbles I had as a child, yellow crackle glass and druk beads, and also the tiny orange cat's eye beads which I won in a contest many moons ago and I think help to pick out the orange in the recycled glass. My only regret is that I made it a little too long I feel- it sits quite low and I feel I would prefer it as more of a choker. However, I can see this being worn with a lovely summer dress, so I'm not going to pull it to pieces (crimping is not my forte and I hate having to redo for that reason). I'm trying to find some leetle flower beads in order to make a complementing set of earrings. Hopefully I will have some in my stash but last time I hauled it all out I got fed up and put it all back in no logical order.

In other news, yay I will get my new car tomorrow! Can't wait.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Guess what I'm doing?

Oh yes, mounting more earrings. Got some gorgeous cabs from Marquise Jewels, though I didn't realise my earring posts (surgical steel ones) had 6mm pads...damn, so I had to get some more! There's some really lush cabochons on there, so I've just suggested that they be added to the UK Beaders Directory. If you haven't visited the directory, do so! I never knew how many bead stores there were until I found this place, and the support you get on the forums is fantastic.

Anyway, back to the point...I will add some photos of some of the jewellery I've been working on later :) Until then!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Earrings Mounted

Well, these are what I was working on yesterday...there's some carnelian, some rose quartz, haematite and a lot of pretty abalone. I ordered loads more bits yesterday as I've got a bit of a penchant for creating these now, and I think they could be nice as a little non-expensive treat or as a free gift...well, if I ever get around to doing parties; I haven't got the nuts to do them at the moment! Though I do know a lovely lady I work with who does Party Lite; we've chatted about doing a combined party one day but I don't know if we'll ever get around to it!

Just updating this post...the sun has gone in, flippin typical! Did just fly into Dereham though and had a little mooch around Bead This, Craft That. It's really nice to see a mixed craft store not getting the jewellery department gradually (or rapidly, sometimes) taken over by cardmaking and scrapbooking stuff. In fact....I do think the beads may be taking over! Anyway, I got some goodies and skipped off back home (after setting the world to rights with the wonderful shop staff of course).

Not only have I finally taken a few pictures of the set I've been babbling about; I made another couple of pairs of stud earrings. These ones are a bit more...bling? Kitsch? Kitsch is probably the right word and I got the idea from a suggestion in a magazine. They're experimental because they're more chunky than the sort of thing I normally do, and I don't know if putting the post dead centre in the bead is the best idea. I might have to er...keep a set of these for myself, as a test pair...you know how it is! Anyway, while the main photo I took of the 'Amelia' set is rubbish, the photo of the earrings and a detail photo came out pretty well, so those two photos are at the end of this post.

I really do need to find that charger. I have a Sony Ericsson Satio which has a 12.1 mp camera on it, with a seemingly decent lense, but it's not really a match for a proper camera. Then, having said that, my digital camera is no match for my film camera...you'd never guess I was a secret luddite!

Anyway, that's enough faff and ramble now. Visit Bead This, Craft That if you ever get a chance! It's in East Dereham, Norfolk. Have a good day anyone reading this, and I hope your weather stayed sunnier than mine did!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Oh Em Gee! Actual jewellery...

Well, in progress anyway.

I liked the idea of making miiiillions of studs; when you sell at school craft fairs dangly earrings don't seem to sell well...well I found out why when my niece decided she'd like to have a yank on mine! So absolutely ages ago I bought lots of pretty cabs; I've just gotten around to gluing the backs on. I've used epoxy glue, so it should be a decent bond. There they are sitting on a bit of CD case on my perfume shelf (yes, I have a whole shelf for perfume! When the boys at work tell me my clothes are budget I wholeheartedly agree; I have nicer smelling things to spend my money on!). Will take another photo when they're mounted on nice card holder thingies :) Sidenote, this was taken on my camera phone...not arf bad eh?

Where I've been...

Well, it's been pretty eventful here at Ooh Miss towers; not only did I graduate with a blessed 2.1 from UEA; but I also gained a new boyfriend...so the excitement of a new relationship and the hard work of finding a proper job to take over from my student ways has taking it's toll severely on my beading time! It is my aim to get back to it though; I guess the blessing of having an arty boyfriend is that he wants me to be arty too! In fact, up until recently I think I had only made one set of jewellery in about a year and a half...how depressing is that? The set is very nice though, that's my excuse. I will post a photograph as soon as I can find that elusive charger for my camera battery.

As for work...I now work full time at a children's home; I don't think anyone who knew me previously could imagine me working in this environment, let alone working 15 hour days in it, but I absolutely love it! The lads are hard work, don't get me wrong, and some days I leave work in tears because it's been such a tough day. But every please and thank you that I get makes it worth it! I've even been told on occasion that I'm 'safe'; quite a decent compliment from a teenage boy I hear!

Where else have I been? Oh I've been on holiday too, a rare occurence for me! I went to the Isle Of Wight with the boy; we had a fab time, took hundreds of photos and were just ecstatically happy for a whole week. I cried when we queued for the ferry to get home, it was just that heavenly. We went to see the Needles, wandered around Ryde, went to the zoo, and just had a lovely time.

Anyway, as it is Mother's Day I'm now off to make some scrummy cheesecake and see if the carrot cake I made last night is still in tact!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

I'm back!

I'm back, and beading! It's been all change here at Ooh Miss Towers; working on cleaning my life up (well, mostly my bedroom but hey ho!) And I've set myself a challenge to use my beads up and sort some new storage! Will be back with some new photos of creations when I can find my blinking camera charger, and some more news about where I've been tomorrow :)