Monday, 29 November 2010

My new enterprise begins :)

My new enterprise begins...Just ordered my first resin mould and I have my eye on some casting resin...

I've got a target for getting this business off the ground. There's a show I want to exhibit at, next September. I've been there before, visiting, and I think resin jewellery would go down really well with the type of people who go there. The only downside...I've got to have enough stock to fill up 10 feet of frontage, for three days! I've got a million and one ideas, so fingers crossed I'll be able to bring this plan to fruition!

Barry is adamant that I should be exhibiting at Sandringham next year, but I'm not so sure. It's a lot of wedge to part with (over £300), and while it's well attended, the looks on the faces of the stallholders this weekend didn't make it look as if they were doing a roaring trade. People have to spend so much money to get in to the place it seems as if they don't want to spend when they get in there. Perhaps when I've got myself a reputation built up, and a good amount of stock...but until then, I'm going to focus on smaller enterprises. I'm adamant that I'll get to Clutter City, I've been longing to exhibit there for a couple of years now.

I'm hoping that this resin idea will take off, so watch this space!

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