Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Well, here I am again!

I'm not very good at this blogging malarkey am I? Although I did say that I'd post again either when I'd taken another decent photo or made something new...and I have! Made something new that is, not taken a decent photo, I'm starting to think that's beyond me!

I made this as a commission for a friend for- you guessed it- Valentine's day. I haven't been as up as I normally am on touting my skills around this time of year, but at least I've made something! There's some beautiful amethyst in there from B For Beads, a great little site I found on UKBeaders. I always shop with them when I can, they give great service and usually a little free sample too! Anyway, as you can see (or perhaps not in this photo!) their amethyst is beautiful. It's teamed here with sterling silver spacers, and light amethyst and purple velvet swarovski crystal.

I'm quite pleased with how the presentation came out too- the jewellery seems to really shine in a black box with a black insert. I had been using The Tiny Box Company's Kraft range, but next to the elite range the white foam looks pants and the black is really washed out! I don't know whether to see if I can negotiate a special price on the elite range (also handy and you can cut your own slots in the pad for the elite boxes, so it'll pretty much take anything) or try a different colour in the Kraft range. Ho hum, such are the trials of wanting to go into business as a jewellery artist! I think I'll go into this more in another post, I don't like to muddy the waters with these things all mixed up together.

I've been thinking about naming some of the more special pieces I make. Nothing fancy, maybe just women's names. This feels like an Alessandra...Yes, I think I'll stick with that!

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