Thursday, 26 February 2009

Another commission finished!

Oh so much to talk about! So after my previous post I put a lot of photographs of my jewellery up on facebook, and a friend commissioned me to make her a necklace and earring set- the metal swirlies. After a discussion with my best friend, we've decided to call them Miriam. So, here is Miriam In Blue:

As always, sterling silver wire and chain, paired with Sapphire swarovski crystals. Fingers crossed that Charli likes it!

I'm preparing the forms to become self employed, I'm looking at a start date of the beginning of March, so I'd only have to do a month's worth of accounts. Good practice for the full year I guess! I must get on top of the accounts and cataloguing. I guess the best part is that all my stock should count as opening capital, so I can't possibly lose out!

Seeing as I got paid recently, I had a wee spending spree on The Silver Corporation. I've decided to start making stud earrings. I've got some lovely, but tiny, cabochons and some epoxy glue, so I've ordered a few more cabs and some earring backs, can't wait to get started! Already got an idea for the packaging so all that remains is to actually make the things. Even if they don't sell, well I like wearing stud earrings so I'll just have lots of funky pairs.

I was ever so chuffed to see I have two followers this morning! Hello lovelies!


Sarah said...

They are lovely, the sapphire colour is gorgeous. Good luck with being self-employed!

P.s. Hello right back atcha!

Ollee said...

Thanks very much Sarah! I'll need all the luck I can get I think, I'm sitting here looking at a spreadsheet with a most confused look on my face!