Friday, 9 January 2009

Well, it's about time!

What with Christmas out of the way I can finally get going on making jewellery again! This is of course whilst putting a massive amount of effort into ignoring the fact the my research project draft has to be handed in in about...ooh, two and a half months.

Anyway, my lovely Michelle bought me some beads for Christmas, so I decided to make myself a bracelet (and eventually, when I get the design right, a necklace). The picture is pants but I'm hoping to take a better photo when I've got some spare time.

It's 3 strands of silver plated twisted heishi, with czech pressed glass spirals, which happen to be in my favourite design. I'll post again when I've either taken some better photos or made something new! I have a rose quartz design sitting in my head, I just need the components and time!

One of my lovely friends has offered to create a website for me, which is fantastic. I could do it myself, but you know me- I'll have the idea sitting in my head and never get around to coding it! The only problem is that I have a rather specific idea of what I want it to look like, and I don't know what his skills are like. Well, we'll have to see!

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