Wednesday, 5 January 2011

So, here comes 2011...

Well, it's here already, who would have thought it. I don't even know where 2010 went! The secret santa bracelet in the previous post went down really well, with everyone, not just the person it was for! I don't think Tracy has taken it off since I gave it to her...I sense a future customer.

I've really started my resin enterprise in earnest; the first test pieces are out-
This will be turned into a ring...well, it would if I hadn't mucked it up and it'd gone cloudy...I left it on the windowsill and noticed that the windowsill sloped...and so had my resin! So I thought I'd be clever and turn it around but this must have led to air bubbles getting trapped in it. The bangle that I did befell the same fate. So, I've now got three moulds setting, all on flat surfaces, all people in the house with strict orders not to move them. Fingers crossed! They should have soft cured at this very point in time, but I'm going to wait until tomorrow and pop them out when they've hard cured. Keep your fingers crossed for me and watch this space!

In other news we had a fab Christmas, I taught my niece how to make jewellery (well, it had to happen some time didn't it!) and I got a Wii here's hoping I'm slim and trim by this time next year!

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Shayla :) said...

That piece of jewelry is so cool!
i love it, its different and colourful. Something i would definately buy :)

Ill be following your blog from now on. i hope to see more of your fantastic idea's and jewelry :)